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Three years ago I was 16 years old. My mother worked from early in the morning until late in the evening so that we could continue living for a month. I remembered that most of the time my classmates were talking about the trip they had with their family, the luxury cars their parents had bought, the clothes and so on… So I decided to make a change in my life.

I have tried many things to succeed, from selling second-hand clothing to having a Shopify store and selling items on Chinese websites.

This made me my first 500 profits. But shipping costs are more expensive and genes are much smaller. This is why I started trading Forex. The first time I saw a huge profit from other sellers I thought this was a scam. But today I am one of them. How? Learning, performance and patience. These are the three magic words to success in trading.

Two years ago I decided to start trading Forex. I knew nothing about it, that these are just foreign currency rivals and I needed to “predict” when they rise or fall. The word “prediction” is an amateur definition and is not allowed to be used.

My first trade was unprofitable and I almost lost my deposit. I wanted to forget about Forex trading and invest my money in other businesses. But I can’t forget the huge profits from other traders.

So I decided to learn about Forex patterns and started a technical analysis of graphs. I read late into the night. In the morning I was at school and in the afternoon it came home. I spent all my free time studying Forex, when my friends were at the party all night, I was at home learning.

But I have no regrets about losing parties and spending time with friends. All efforts are paid for today when I come to school in a Range Rover Sport and wear a Rolex watch in my hand. But the best thing is to help my mother.

Buying his new car, fancy clothes, debt relief, and much more.

Friends going to parties, playing computer games, having a good time and making jokes to me when I was learning Forex. They have to work part-time and roam the “bad” cars when I drive a Range Rover Sport and make a big profit with Forex…

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